Here are two more tragic carbon monoxide poisoning deaths.

Last Saturday a married couple, Brian and Shirley Sterling, 52 and 47, respectively, were found dead around noon in their home in Austintown, Ohio, by their daughter.

She found the couple’s sport utility vehicle still running in a garage that is attached to the Sterling’s home, and naturally the vehicle was the source of  the carbon monoxide poisoning that killed the couple. A coroner’s investigator believes the husband and wife died between midnight and 4 a.m. Sunday.

I assume that the Sterlings accidentally left their SUV running, and they did not have a carbon monoxide detector in their house, hence the tragedy. Police had to ventilate the home after the bodies were found.

I and others have said it again and again: A $25 carbon monoxide alarm could save your life. It could have saved the Sterlings, and spared their poor daughter the heartache of finding their bodies.

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