California has a bill pending that would require state residents to install carbon monoxide monitors if their homes have a fireplace or attached garage.

 On Monday the state Assembly passed the bill sponsored by Democratic Sen. Allen Lowenthal of Long Beach in a 47-19 vote. The bill will go to the Senate next for action.

 The bill requires installation of carbon monoxide alarms in homes with not only fireplaces and attached garages, but also in places that are heated by oil.

 Proponents of the bill argue that the monitors, which cost about $20, will detect the deadly gas and save lives. From 30 to 40 deaths are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning each year, according to estimates.

 But last year Gov. Arnold Schwartzenegger nixed a similar bill, claiming that the California building commission should be able to vet carbon monoxide standards of such legislation, according to the the Associated Press.

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