Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle Wednesday signed a bill that mandates that state residents put carbon monoxide detectors in their residences. http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/87282252.html

Under the new law, carbon monoxide detectors will have to be installed on all floors of single-family homes and two-unit residences. These detectors are already required in other kinds of housing.

New homes will also have to have carbon monoxide detectors.

However, the law doesn’t have any teeth to it. There is no fine for those who don’t comply with the law. Officials said that the legislation is mean to educate and encourage compliance.

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  1. Boho Clothing
    Boho Clothing says:

    Responsible commercial property owners and in the know homeowners have been using carbon monoxide detectors long before it became “law” From what I have read/understand..It may be law, but no inspections will be instituted for compliance except for new construction. That is the law.


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