It is another generator run indoors case.

Three people died of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning after being found unconscious on a houseboat in Huntington Harbor, Long Island, N.Y.

The three unidentified victims – two men and a woman — were found on the houseboat at 9 pm. Tuesday, according to Suffolk County police. They had gotten a 911 call to come to the houseboat.
They were transported to Huntington Hospital, and were pronounced dead there.

Autopsies will be done to confirm the cause of death. There were no signs of foul play, according to police. A police detective told the newspaper Newsday that the three people were believed to have been overcome by fatal carbon monoxide fumes. There was a gasoline-powered generator on the boat.

Two police officer who had responded to the scene had to be treated for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Over and over we say it here, but sadly it doesn’t get heard elsewhere: engines cannot be run indoors, even if the power is out. For more on the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning go to

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