Four people nearly died of carbon monoxide poisoning Sunday in Nebraska after a car was left running in a home’s attached garage.

Authorities were investigating the near-fatal incident that took place on Mulberry Court in La Vista, Neb. Police called to the scene found Terah Yager, 31, who was barely conscious and then actually collapsed.

Police rescued Yager, 27-year-old Nicole Meyer and two girls, both 12, from the home. In the house police encountered the overpowering smell of natural or petroleum-based gas, as well as smoke.

Meyer had left a car running in the garage on Saturday at 11 p.m., according to police. She and the girls were treated and released from Nebraska Medical Center, while Yager received treatment at the house.

Sunday morning the carbon monoxide level in the house was more than 500,000 parts per million, and constant exposure to Co levels above 150 to 200 parts per million can be deadly. Don’t run engines indoors. Any time someone is found unconscious with carbon monoxide poisoning, it is important that they continue to follow with a doctor in the days after the exposure, even if they have been discharged from the hospital. Carbon monoxide poisoning can get worse in the period of 2 to 40 days after the exposure. This is called delayed neurological sequalae or DNS. See For more on carbon monoxide poisoning and prevention, go to

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