New York’s law mandating the installation of carbon monoxide detectors in dwellings goes into effect Feb. 22.

The law requires that carbon monoxide alarms be installed in all new and existing one- and two-family homes, multi-family residences and rentals that have a fuel-burning appliance, system or attached garage, as reported this week by The Journal-Register of Medina, N.Y.

The paper recommends that to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, consumers should put in at least one carbon monoxide detector with an audible warning signal near sleeping areas and outside bedrooms. That alarm should have the approval of a nationally recognized lab, such as Underwriters Laboratories.

It is remarkable that laws mandating the installation of carbon monoxide detectors has lagged so far behind smoke detector requirements. Kudos to the NY State legislature. For more on the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning see:

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