Here’s a mystery: A carbon monoxide scare that didn’t turn up any carbon monoxide.

Earlier this week 31 students and faculty members at a school in Derry, N.H., became ill and were evacuated, then treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. But as it turns out, investigators didn’t find any of the dangerous gas in the building.

On Wednesday St. Thomas Aquinas School was evacuated, but the next day students were back in class.

When the local fire department tested the school for carbon monoxide Wednesday, the results were negative. But to be safe, St. Thomas Aquinas has installed nine carbon monoxide detectors in the school, including one in the third-floor classroom where the first students said they felt ill.

Firefighters did another carbon monoxide test before students returned to the school Thursday morning.

Emergency crews administered care to 31 students and teachers Wednesday, for what appeared to be symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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