It is one of the most predictable connections we see in our daily comment on brain injury and the news. If there is severe weather, especially with a power outage, there will be a carbon monoxide story. Candles are OK; fires in fireplaces are OK. Any other substitution for electrical power or heat that involves combustion of fuel indoors, can and will kill.

After losing electric power following a horrific snow storm this week, eight family members in Maryland got sick from carbon monoxide after they used a grill to cook inside.

The people, including several children aged four to eight, were taken to a local hospital after the incident in Burtonsville, Md.

That neighborhood had lost power 4 a.m. Saturday, leaving residents to wake up to freezing temperature.

The family in question brought a charcoal grill inside their house to cook, and it released the carbon monoxide gas.

Firefighters came to the home about 9:30 a.m.

For more information about the risks of carbon monoxide exposure, go to

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