A toddler’s birthday party in New Mexico almost turned lethal, as 25 people got carbon monoxide poisoning, with a dozen of them nearly dying, according to an online story by KREZ.

The owner of the home where the party took place Saturday, Carlos Quintana, said he was using a propane heater to keep his garage warm during the party for a little girl in Farmington, N.M. The garage doors were closed.

Suddenly, two children were overcome by the carbon monoxide fumes and fell down sick. They were rushed to the hospital. But more people began to get ill.

Quintana turned the heater off, and opened the garage door to let the fumes escape. But the party-goers had already breathed in noxious levels of the carbon monoxide.

Some of them were sent to the San Juan Regional Medical Center in Farmington, while 12 had to be flown to hospitals in Denver, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, according to KREZ.

Nine went to a hyperbaric medical center, a facility that specializes in treating carbon-monoxide poisoning, in Santa Fe.

The girl’s birthday party was rescheduled for Monday. For a better understanding the full consequences of carbon monoxide exposure go to https://carbonmonoxide-poisoning.com

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  1. Roxana Martinez
    Roxana Martinez says:

    We are wondering about the laws on Carbon Monoxide alarms here in New Mexico. Are apartment owners or the renters responsible for having one available?
    Thank you,
    Roxana Martinez


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