Three campers’ family event became tragic when they were exposed to carbon monoxide fumes while relaxing inside their camper which was mounted on the bed of the family pick-up truck. Faulty air conditioner wires are believed to have caused toxic fumes to be released into the camper.

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It is important for campers to remember to periodically check all fuel lines for leaks. Line leaks can potentially release toxic fumes that can be deadly. Also it is important to be cautious when using propane appliances and generators, which release carbon monoxide that can be deadly.

Campers should follow the fourteen steps to help eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide exposure. The fourteen steps were listed on a previous blog and can be read at:

Please remember that once you have taken the important steps to ensure that your your camper is carbon monoxide free, you must also be mindful of other fumes that you can be exposed to from other RVs and pick-up trailers. A week ago we blogged about a person that died from carbon monoxide fumes that were believed to have come from a neighboring RV.

Most parks have “no generator” zones which can make campers feel safer.

Prior to using your RV, remember to inspect all lines and hoses for cracks or leaks. If you are using a generator, make sure it is working properly and get a carbon monoxide detector. These tips will ensure that you leave a happy camper and return a happy camper.

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