Five days ago officials from the NASCAR race warned fans who were traveling with a recreational vehicle (RV) about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. A local health department in Indiana was also at Indianapolis Motor Speedway handing out information on carbon monoxide poisoning.

This warning to fans came in response to the tragic death of a 43-year-old man Michael Thies of Ruma, IL who suffered from carbon monoxide exposure and whose three family members were hospitalized from carbon monoxide fumes. The carbon monoxide is believed to have entered their RV from the exhaust of other nearby RVs.

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Since summer has arrived more people are using their RVs to go to concerts, camp sites and sporting events. RVs are popular for traveling because they have beds, kitchens, refrigerators and small bathrooms. With these pleasures comes the responsibility of knowing the potential risk of carbon monoxide exposure.

Traditionally, winter is when carbon monoxide problems are most prevalent, however, this spring and summer have been particularly bad for such seasons.

It is important to know that there are several steps that RV users should take to ensure their safety. In our next blog, we will discuss the steps that RV users should consider to ensure that they are preventing carbon monoxide exposure.

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