As we shiver on a wet and windy day in Chicago, it seems bizarre to talk about boating, yet that season is soon upon us. (We hope.) As outboard motors replace the fires we build in our furnaces, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning shifts but is not eliminated. Remember, any time you burn, you have fumes, and in most cases carbon monoxide. If you don’t vent those fumes properly, you could be poisoned. Here is what the coast guard has to say about CO exposure in boats:

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) can harm and even kill you inside or outside your boat!
Did you also know:

CO symptoms are similar to seasickness or alcohol intoxication?
CO can affect you whether you’re underway, moored, or anchored?
You cannot see, smell, or taste CO?
CO can make you sick in seconds. In high enough concentrations, even a few breaths can be fatal?
Most important of all, did you know carbon monoxide poisonings are preventable? Every boater should be aware of the risks associated with carbon monoxide – what it is; where it may accumulate; and the symptoms of CO poisoning. To protect yourself, your passengers, and those around you, learn all you can about CO.

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide
The must-know facts about carbon monoxide. If you don’t recognize the symptoms of CO poisoning, you may not receive the medical attention you need.

Where CO May Accumulate
You’re not just at risk inside a boat. Knowing all the possible places where CO may accumulate could save your life.

How to Protect Others & Yourself
CO poisoning is preventable. Here are specific steps you can take to help prevent carbon monoxide from harming you, your passengers, or fellow boaters.

Helpful Checklists and Maintenance Tips
A checklist for every trip, plus a monthly and annual checklist. They’re easy for you to print and use.

Downloadable Educational Tools
Brochures, photos, posters, and other tools to help increase awareness about carbon monoxide and recreational boating.


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