School Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Ohio

Another School Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Attorney Gordon Johnson 800-992-9447 Early reports of a school carbon monoxide poisoning in Ohio are just hitting the news. According to NewOK  a group of students and staff were evacuated and treated for carbon monoxide poisoning on Friday, January 6, 2017 from a school in Urbana, Ohio. Urbana is in western […]

Understanding that Carbon Monoxide is a Poison that can Cause DNS

Carbon Monoxide is a Poison – Not Just an Oxygen Deprivation Event By Attorney Gordon Johnson 800-992-9447 Carbon monoxide is a poison, but too the medical community doesn’t grasp that there is a poisoning component involved, different than asphyxiation of cells from oxygen. Most deaths from carbon monoxide occur because of asphyxiation of the heart muscle from […]

Why No Discharge Instructions for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Survivors

Why are There no Standard Discharge Instructions for those Treated for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning? By Attorney Gordon Johnson 800-992-9447 In contrast to the lack of discharge instructions for carbon monoxide poisoning, when I first began doing brain injury cases in 1992,  “head injury discharge instructions” were the norm. Head injury discharge instructions are a mandated […]

Experimental New Antidote to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Researchers are working towards an antidote to carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the Stat News article. Paramedics are in need of a medicine they can administer quickly to the victim of CO poisoning. This research is still at the preliminary stage, and a lot more work still needs to be done. The study included eight […]

Ohio Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Manufacturing Plant

In late November, 2016 another Ohio carbon monoxide poisoning occurred where multiple people were hospitalized after 70 employees were exposed to the toxic carbon monoxide at a manufacturing business, according to Fox News. The company located in Elyria evacuated its employees the night of the incident and remained closed until the source of the fumes was found. […]

Sedona Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Sickened Family

A Sedona, Arizona carbon monoxide poisoning sickened a family there and was caused by a faulty furnace, according to the Washington Times. With winter months coming, it is essential to have your furnace checked to make sure it is all working properly. There may be a problem you may not have noticed in the summer […]

Possible Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Wisconsin Leaves One Dead

One man was found dead in a cabin in Reeseville, WI late Monday, and one other man was found in serious condition, according to the Watertown Daily times. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call to check on the welfare of two men staying in a rural Reeseville cabin in Wisconsin. One of […]

Plainfield Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Leaves Two Dead

Two people and three pets were found dead in a Plainfield residence in a welfare check on the home, according to the Chicago Sun Times. The deaths were a result of a carbon monoxide poisoning, and five of the officers who responded were also overcome by the odorless, tasteless, colorless gas. The officers responded Monday […]

Manitowoc Woman Escapes Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Thanks To Paper Carrier

For Amanda Denault, delivering papers Nov. 1st gave her a chill down her spine. She approached one of the homes on her paper route and heard an alarm going off inside the residence. She sincerely felt that something was wrong inside the home. She decided to call 911 at about 3:30 a.m., and her actions […]

Carbon Monoxide Law In Delaware May Take Effect After Four Deaths

Earlier this year, tragedy struck in a Delaware apartment complex. Four people and one dog were killed in the complex. The cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning. In the wake of this tragic event, a task force is proposing carbon monoxide law in Delaware that was not there before. The law would mandate that […]